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There Used to Be a Time When I Thought 28 was Old

Now it's 2008, so I figure I should get this art blog thingy started up. I'll start off with a few resolutions, and a few thoughts on what I want to do with this here thing.

First, the resolutions:

As another year has passed, and another one threatens with its presence, I resolve that 2008 will be a creative year for me.  Certainly, in the past, I've been plenty creative. Art goes with me wherever I am. However, the last several years haven't been too conducive to to my overall success as an artist. I've grown as a person, I've become inspired, and I've even done some nice work, which I've sold at low low basement prices, if not given away.

Now I have a more stable base of operations to work from, however, so now I can focus on achieving more socially identifiable trappings of success.

I resolve to make some money as an artist.

I resolve to establish a foothold for myself within the local arts scene.

I resolve to re-establish a web presence, and work harder to gain at least a bit of notoriety on the web, even if that's just within a few limited circles.

I'm a cartoonist. So, I resolve to put myself a bit more into my cartooning.

I resolve to begin publishing my work again, both in print and online.

I resolve to take part in one or two comic conventions, if not more. I've never been in an "artists' alley" before. I want to do that.

In the same vein as establishing a local foothold for myself as an artist, I resolve to establish some sort of foothold for myself as a local small publisher and cartoonist.

All of these resolutions can neatly boil down to one big resolution:
I resolve to take myself seriously as an artist, and to work toward gaining success and financial solvency based upon my artwork.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the only success I will judge my coming year upon will be that which lands in the categories of either fame or fortune. However, I don't want to work in warehouses for the rest of my life. I want to draw for the rest of my life. I have only ever wanted that for the last twenty years. I'm nearing thirty, and it's time to get on the ball with this.

There are other resolutions I've made, but this is an art blog, and those are of  a more personal nature, so, you know.

Part 2; what's this blog for, anyway?

Well, it's for me, really. I've got a lot of journals and galleries and forums I've gathered up over the years. This here journal can be a way to tie them all together, for the time being.

More than that, though, I need a place for my thoughts on art. I like to talk about art. I like to think about art. This place seems to be as good as any to be where I do all that. Lord knows, it's not getting any other use. So, from here on out, I'll post about what I'm working on, with progressions and products. I'm sure I'll whine endlessly about how I need to focus on a certain piece or project long enough to get it done, although I have less trouble finishing individual drawing than I do comic projects. More than that, though I want to discuss some finer points of art. There's a big wide world out there, and art fills every corner. A lot of crazy stuff happens out there in the art world. I figure that if I have a blog to talk about it, I'll pay more attention to it, and it'll make me a better artist through my participation.

So, there you have it. I'll try to post weekly, if not more frequently. More importantly, I'll try to make it interesting. I've got a lot on my plate this year. Wish me luck!

(Image stolen from Genesis Bereavement Resources website. I want a copy of that book.)


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