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What I Really Want Is To Be a Weblebrity
Is it wrong that every time I sit down to write in this thing, I just end up thinking to myself, "ah, fuck it!" and close the browser tab? Methinks it might be a bit of an Easing In process to get back into writing a journal. Methinks, also, that I Me thinks too much about art, and when Me tries to articulate those thoughts, it takes too much time and work to adequately sort those thoughts out.

Me is hopeless.

So, maybe posting some recently-done work of my own will get the creative juices flowing. Here are some examples of my latest foray into the realm of color. Sorry if you've seen these elsewhere:

I like working in color. I don't do it  too often, because in the past, I'd equate color with paint, and I'm not really wired to be a painter. A few months back, I tried my hand at colored pencils, something I hadn't picked up since I was in art school. I find now that I really like them. Given some time and practice, I think I might even become good with them. The best part about colored pencil is that they give me a whole new avenue of whimsy. Bright colors are a joy.

Speaking of joy, I hope you enjoy.


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