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Last week was my big ol' Spring Break spectacular, which consisted of two parts. Part the second was me going to Seattle for several days and nights. That was a blast, but I'll talk on that subject later or elsewhere. Part the first was me doing some much-needed intensive spring cleaning. The cleaning part is mostly done, and I'm still working on the organizing, which inevitably goes along with the task. At any rate, I'm not posting for the first time in roughly nine months to tell you about how dirty my apartment was. Instead, I'm posting because I love comics.

You might believe I just committed a bit of a non sequitur, but you would be wrong. You see, I do love comics, and that love permeates my life to its very core, even when I'm bagging trash and avoiding doing the dishes. I was sharply reminded of just how much I do love comics this Spring Break, especially while bagging trash and avoiding doing the dishes, because I ran across so very many unread comics during this intensive series of chores. Right now, mostly because whenever I have some meager amount of cash in my pocket, I take a trip to the Comic Book Shop to dig through their quarter bins, I have a three-foot-tall pile of comics which need my attention. Yes, that is a lot, especially considering that I just recently discovered the joys of downloading pirated locally unavailable comics, meaning that I have the digital equivalent of about a three-foot-tall pile of virtual comics sitting on my hard drive as I type this. For any non-Americans out there, who may have stumbled drunkenly upon this journal, that equals nearly two meters of comics, all unread. Clearly, I have a problem.

I can't seem to stop myself, despite the time constraints present in my busy life. What am I to do? Luckily, I've found a solution. I am going to read these comics, and then I'm going to write what I think about many of them. This is actually a solution to several problems in my life, really. Most of these problems are having to do with my love/hate relationship with the internet, actually. Surely, if there was a man in constant search for mindless distraction, I would be he. Since the television is now out of the equation, thanks to the "digital conversion," I'm left with the internet to fill the hours of my day with unnecessary diversions, and the internet is very good at this job. As such, I need a change of intellectual venue, one which helps me slake my thirst for droning entertainment, and yet engages my imagination more than running circuits around the same four websites until I finally grow so bored I have to physically leave the apartment, and go to my parents' house to watch their tv, just to liven up the synapses.

I'm fully aware that my relationship with the computer is not healthy, and I've had a good mind for some time to reconcile that problem. I feel like maybe if I begin to take advantage of all of these websites, blogs, forums and social networking hubs to which I have amassed memberships over the last decade, I might actually learn the meaning behing that term, "interactive," which is so often bandied about to describe the Web. I used to be interactive; I've just become so lazy about it in recent years. Without making grand declarations, which may ultimately go unfulfilled, I would like to be interactive once more.

Comics are what brought me to the internet, and comics are what will get me back on track. I'm glad, because another problem I've been having recently is that I've felt very strongly that I'm just not doing my part as a cartoonist. I lost my wonder and joy in comics awhile back, right about the time I started to refer to myself as an "artist." As smiling fortune would have it, though, I've begun the process of reconciling the "cartoonist" me and the "artist" me. Hopefully, the transition to the me that is both, and both are one thing, will be smooth. You'll be reading much more on that particular subject as time wears on, I'm sure, so I'll spare you the details for now. The important thing is that I want to do right by my cartoonist roots, and I feel like one of the ways to do so is to enjoy reading and thinking about comics with a greater frequency than I currently am.

We'll see how it goes, I guess. I love comics. I love writing, and I've wanted to stoke up the activity in my various blogs for some time now. This seems like a win/win/win. I predict it'll be abandoned within six weeks.


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