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Today I Think I'll Read a Book
A few months back, I decided that I would start up this little journal again, and then I quickly got so damned busy with school that there were times that I literally couldn't see straight. I have two months left in my summer break, and after that, I don't expect that my schooling will be as vigorously demanding on my time as the last quarter, given that I no longer have to deal with the bane of my existence, algebra, at least for awhile. So, here I am again, preparing to start again. I might even get a Youtube account, and add video into my repretoir.

My problem, though, is this damned ongoing internet addiction. The idleness I display due to the internet is astounding to me. I know that when I don't have it directly in front of my face, I can keep it from destroying my day. A few weeks ago, I was housesitting for my parents, while they were on vacation, and all it took for me to keep away from the damned computer was for it to be in another room. I don't have that luxury here, since I live in a tiny studio apartment. So, I just have to now display the self-control that I had resolved to display in my last entry, way back in April, and follow through with my plan. After all, this pile of reading materials is getting no smaller.

Tempering the usual bellyaching with some good news, I have to announce that I really feel great about my creative endeavors lately. I think that the work I'll be producing in coming years will be something big. I must say, I don't think I could ever have gotten into a the mindset necessary to do the work I'm now planning for, had I not gone back to school. I think continuing my education may have been the smartest decision I've ever made. I might just make it in this crazy world afterall.

Well, that's about it for now. This is kinda a rambling personal entry before I go back to bed. There were jets doing low-altitude maneuvers over my house all night. The noise kept me up. Everytime I would doze off, another loud fit of rumbling would shake my apartment walls. Fuck you, Air Force!


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